Va Va Vixens

Formed in 2009, The Va Va Vixens have since become Louisville, Kentucky's largest and most popular burlesque and variety troupe. With over 25 performers, male and female, the Vixens produce several resident shows per year at Headliner's Music Hall, host special performances at Art Sanctuary, as well as entertain at private and public events.

The Vixens are a diverse troupe with a vaudevillian flair, displaying talent in many areas including (but not limited to)  dance, acrobatics, aerial acts, striptease and singing,  differentiating us from other more traditional burlesque troupes.

Va Va Vixens have been awarded in the category for "Best Performing Arts Group" in the LEO Reader's Choice Awards for 3 consecutive years! Thank You, Louisville! 

Come see for yourself what all the buzz is about and show us your tassels!

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Va Va carniVale



Miss Kitty Taylor -  Hanky Panky, Madonna

Dollface Molly - Magic Man, Heart

Deadly Dita - Fun House, Pink

Miss Kitty Taylor & Dollface Molly - Tears of a Clown, Smokey Robinson

Raylon Beavers (Deadly Dita) Presents The Vixen Games



Intro... Entire Cast • Christina Aguilara - Enter the Circus & Vermillion Lies - Circus Apocalypse

1) Madame Michon, Victoria D'Light & Penelope Le PurrTrio, Devotchka - Such a Lovely Thing

2) Beatrix B. NaughtyRaven Queen, Beats Antique - I Got

3) Kenya Kizzme, Starla Sugar, Penelope Le Purr, Emerald Starr, Dollface MollyFans on Fire, Blue Foundaion - Eyes of Fire

4) Victoria D'Light & Madame MichonSiamese Dreams • Tweet - Oops (oh my)

5) Emerald Starr Evil Cabaret, Jill Tracy - Evil Night Together

6) Mile High Maybelle, Fifi Le Femme, Brigitte Boudoir, Delta Dame & Fleur De TeasePoodle Tamer , Music From Dumbo

7) Deadly Dita, Keny Kizzme, Starla Sugar, Penelope Le Purr & Victoria D'Light Creepy Dolls, Perfect Circle - Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums/Lullaby

8) Mr. Shively & Lola B.Bed of Nails, Galactic - Liquour Pang

9) Victoria D'Light, Beatrix B. Naughty, Penelope Le Purr, Starla Sugar & Dollface MollyHammock, Imagine Dragon - Radioactive

10) Lola LiciousPierrot Attempts Hammock, Triciclo Circus Band - Oaxaca

***Intermission 20 minutes***



1) Miss Kitty Taylor • Queen - I Want to Break Free

2) Penelope Le Purr, Dollface Molly, Starla Sugar & Emerald Starr • Beyonce - Girls Run the World

3) Kenya KizzmeThe Bearded Lady, Aretha Franklin - Natural Woman

4) Deadly DitaMadame Luna Waxes Up

5) Madame MichonPrincess Charming, Gaby Moreno - Mean Old Circus

6) Deadly Dita Madame Luna Bares It All, Kim Boekbinder - Gypsy

7) Madame Michon & Victoria D'Light • Lovely Creatures, CocoRosie - The Moon Asked the Crow

8) Emerald Starr & Madame MichonSnake Charmer, Ah! My Goodness from Moulin Rouge & David Torn - Miss Place, The Mist

9) Fleur De Tease, Fifi Le Femme, Brigitte Boudoir, Eli SprattCreepy Tea Party, The Pierces - Secret

10) Mr. Shively & Kenya KizzmeKnives, Avatar - Smells Like A Freakshow

11) Madame Michon, Victoria D’Light & Beatrix B. NaughtyBig Cats, Lords of Acid - Show Me Your Pussy

12) Lola LiciousLe Petite Pierrot's Redemption, Kokusyoku Sumire - Purity in Red

13) Finale • Jurassic 5 - Swing Set