Va Va Vixens

Formed in 2009, The Va Va Vixens have since become Louisville, Kentucky's largest and most popular burlesque and variety troupe. With over 25 performers, male and female, the Vixens produce several resident shows per year at Headliner's Music Hall, host special performances at Art Sanctuary, as well as entertain at private and public events.

The Vixens are a diverse troupe with a vaudevillian flair, displaying talent in many areas including (but not limited to)  dance, acrobatics, aerial acts, striptease and singing,  differentiating us from other more traditional burlesque troupes.

Va Va Vixens have been awarded in the category for "Best Performing Arts Group" in the LEO Reader's Choice Awards for 3 consecutive years! Thank You, Louisville! 

Come see for yourself what all the buzz is about and show us your tassels!

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Often people ask, "What is a burlesque show, anyway?" or "What is a Va Va show like?" So, here is a little overview of the fun that is in store for you...


Photo by Joe Mays

Photo by Joe Mays

You will be greeted at the door by a scantily clad woman wielding condoms and candy in an old fashioned cigarette tray. If that's not enough to get your attention, then you'll certainly spot Mile High Maybelle hovering above the crowd on her stilts, waving and posing for photos.  During intermission, you can mosey on over to the kissing booth for a smooch, buy a gorgeous pair of handcrafted pasties, or take a peek at one of our very popular calendars featuring all of our lovely ladies. Several other handmade items and official t-shirts are also available at the merch table. Oh, and be prepared to participate in pre-show games, a possible conga line, or a birthday spanking train - we like to get YOU up on stage, too!

You will also notice the hand-created, gorgeous costumes! Many of them  are magnificently crafted by Deborah Foster of Give and Take . She is a Louisville native who happens to be quite extraordinary with a sewing machine. She offers costume designs, custom clothing and tailoring! 

Many troupe members also create costumes, especially, Lee Ann Cooper, who also has mad skills with wonderflex and other sculpting materials! 

Photo by Frankie Steele

Photo by Frankie Steele


Aerial routines involve highly rigged devices including lyra, hammock, silks, trapeze, cube, chains and Spanish web.  We have several extremely skilled, professional aerialists performing with our troupe, each bringing a signature style, but are still able to display amazing strength and creativity as they entertain us from above.

Aerialists: Madame Michon, Electra Onyx, Momma Red and Victoria D'Light



Acro Team

"Acro" is short for acrobatics or acroyoga. They choreograph spectacular and captivating routines showcasing their great strength and grace as they balance and bend with one another, creating beautiful group formations.  

Acro Team: Madame Michon, Victoria D'  Light, Cooter Brown and Beatrix B. Naughty


Group Dance

Yes we can, can, can! There is a core group of about 10 performers who perform choreographed group routines. This dance element lends a certain "cabaret" feel to the shows and is another reason that our shows are unlike other purely traditional burlesque shows.

Dancers: Penelope Le Purr, Victoria D'Light, Electra Onyx, Deadly Dita Deville, Beatrix B. Naughty, Kenya Kizzme, Dollface Molly, Madame Michon, Lady Phoenix, and Venus Pearle 

Photo by Bellawillow Photography

Photo by Bellawillow Photography

Flow Art

All things that spin and twirl are considered "flow art". Poi, knives, fire, flags and hoop are some of the objects our Vixens can smoothly manipulate and maneuver often creating beautiful tracers of light and color in the air. It truly is artful.

Flow Artists: Brigette Boudoir and Kenya Kizzme


Photo by Frankie Steele

Photo by Frankie Steele


Vixens shows are heavily infused with tongue in cheek humor and slapstick comedy. The role of humor is important for many reasons. Va Va audiences remain very diverse - in gender, race, age and sexual orientation -because everyone everywhere enjoys a good old-fashioned innuendo. By following up a racy dance number with a coquettish striptease, we manage to balance sexy and fun, maintaining a consistent level of lightheartedness that keep our audiences coming back for more. 

Photo by Life of the Party

Va Va Voices

Every show starts with a Va Va Voices pre-show featuring our star voices. These ladies always manage to get you in the mood for the main event with their sexy, raw talent. Audiences have rocked out to Molly's supercharged rendition of Cherry Bomb and have been lead down memory lane with Miss Kitty's back-shivering version of Ella's classic At Last.  And Deadly Dita offers up an assortment of genres with anything from Whatever Lola Wants to Sin Wagon. Whatever your taste... you will find something that suits your musical palette. 

Singers include: Miss Kitty Taylor, Dollface Molly, Deadly Dita Deville, Black Widow, Brigitte Boudoir & Coop DeVille

Photo by Max Sharp

Striptease & Skits

Last but definitely not least - you will certainly get your fill of sexy stripteases at a show. The numbers are fun, sometimes even ridiculously hilarious, and always sexy without any nudity. Each striptease artist in the troupe has her own unique style. Deadly Dita goes for a more traditional feel where Lola Licious tends to tell a story with props and silly concepts. Several of the Vixens are quite good at coming up with fun and entertaining ideas so there is always a new twist on the old art of striptease. However, there is also plenty of old school burlesque dancing complete with feather boas, fans and twirling tassels!!!!!  

 Stripteasers: Lola Licious, Deadly Dita Deville, Beatrix B. Naughty, Madame Michon, Fleur De Tease, Venus Pearl, Fifi Le Femme and Electra Onyx